SF2 by Netent
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The development of video games into casino games is gaining more and more ground. This is because players are already familiar with characters in these video games, making gameplay easy. This post will be about a review of Street Fighter 2:The world Warrior by NetEnt.

An Overview of This Amazing NetEnt Game

SF2 Slot screenshot
image credit: screenshot from https://games.netent.com/video-slots/street-fighter-2-the-world-warrior/

At the world game’s events in London 2020, several announcements which are covered by the journalistic team at thegambler.info about new games were made and reported on online betting sites news portals, but none generated so much buzz as street fighter 2 by NetEnt. This game exceeded all expectations as players weren’t disappointed. It is inspired by a 1991 version of an arcade model of a street fighter.

All eight characters present in the sequel were integrated into the slot with few changes in abilities. With an RTP of 96.05%, gambling limit is set at $0:20 and has a maximum bet of $720, depending on the EGM. Once you select a character, they go into another realm to fight the battle. On each match, you will get multipliers, which ceases once a defeat occurs.

The core of the gameplay is a clustered payment protocol, designed by NetEnt to be a 5 x 5 grid slot layouts. The layout had 26 symbols, which are available per spin. Payouts are available once a player matches four or more signs. In addition, when a player successfully matches these signs, an avalanche feature will remove all successful clusters and provide new symbols.

Features of the Street Fighter 2:The World Warrior Slot Game

SF2 Slot
image credit: screenshot from https://games.netent.com/video-slots/street-fighter-2-the-world-warrior/

Game review cannot be complete without checking the game features. The main characters of this game: Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Chun li, Dhalsim, and guile. The top 4 bosses are Barog, Vega Sagat, and Major Bison.

All characters have special abilities and powers you can unlock. Also, there is a life bar in which every player is given. The health bar shrinks when you take hits and can be increased when you get health boosters. The Wild guage feature like in most slot games is available in Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. This feature has seven cells, which has useful symbols in various successful combos. Once your bars are full, you get a crazy Guage combo.

Furthermore, there is a feature that allows you to restart the match when you lose to one of the top bosses without using an extra coin. Finally, you get to set a volatility range on your game, but note that for low volatility, you win regularly and make small profits. For high volatility, it is more challenging but has big rewards.

Great Bonuses Available

SF2 Bison Boss fight
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The Street Fighter 2:The world Warrior Slot has some eye-catching bonuses. The first one is the insert a coin bonus, which NetEnt uses to encourage players that loses to the boss. When a boss bests you, you get a chance to play again and progress into the next round.

You can also find the Beat the boss free spins, which you get when you win against the boss. When the character defeats a boss, your points are multiplied by two and carried over till you lose. Finally, a car smash bonus is given to a player who gets defeated. You will be entitled to 15 times your stake in the game.

The final take on this is that it is an excellent game, with nice animations, good sound, and a fantastic storyline; a score of 1010 will suffice.