Whack Your Neighbour: Extreme Edition

Whack Your Neighbour

The Extreme Edition for Whack Your Neighbour is coming soon!

The extreme version of Whack Your Neighbour is coming out soon according to the developers Whack It. This version will feature a more in depth puzzle solving and of course violent creative kills.

We briefly spoke to the developers regarding the games development and they were happy to announce that this would be the first game created in house using Unity. Whack It said this would only help speed up the series performance as well as adding more interactivity into each kill.

Other planned enhancements include using the Unity particle engine to create cool blood and electrical effects. Of course they couldn't help let slip that some of the new kills will be the most violent yet, even eclipsing Whack the Serial Killer! and that is saying something indeed.

Since there’s not a homeowner alive that hasn’t had some sort of run-in with a nearby resident, there’s very little to dislike about a game that allows you to violently vent your frustration on a character who depicts the perfect epitome of a nightmare neighbour. This game, available in both browser and for the mobile Android platform, is Whack Your Neighbour. It’s a perfect marriage of easily-accessible point-and-click action with some of the most violent kill sequences you’re likely to find in any browser/Android game. And the best thing is, in this scenario, you’re the officiator of this brutal matrimony.

Getting to Grips

In Whack Your Neighbour, it’s up to you to find each of the kill objects, as well as piece together a few multi-object kills in order to earn achievements as you bludgeon, slice, decapitate, and generally get revenge on your nightmare neighbour.

The game begins with our protagonist – let’s call him Patrick – standing outside in his garden enjoying the sunshine, accompanied by his trusty dog, Whisky. The leisurely BBQ that Patrick’s having is rudely interrupted by a rather offensive-looking and annoying-sounding neighbour however. We all know where this is going: it’s a point-and-click puzzle format we’ve all seen before, but don’t for one second underestimate just how violent and brutal things are going to get.

The main aim of the game is to find as many of the different kill sequences as possible. Hover your mouse (for the browser game) over objects to see if they’re usable or not. The mobile game is arguably a teeny bit tougher since you don’t have the hovering option, but must simply seek out objects with your eyes and tap them to see if they initiate a kill. That’s precisely how the game works: it’s a simple mechanism, but with an inverse correlation between its low complexity and the high levels of entertainment it can potentially allow its players to enjoy. Ever played Dreamfall? Well it’s the same point-and-click format here, only much more violent and on a tighter budget.

Plenty of Violence

The simple premise and accessible mechanics both facilitate the presentation of the utmost of violent kill animations. This game doesn’t beat around the bush (figuratively speaking, anyhow) when it comes to its brutal content. Tap on the window, for example, and you’re treated to Patrick luring the neighbour towards it, before smashing his head between the panes and then decapitating him with one final slam-and-smash.

Decapitation isn’t the only kill on the menu though; there’s a lot of creative kills in here that would make even the most hardened of male gamers feel at least a little impressed. Click on Whisky the dog and you’ll see him tear off pieces of your annoying neighbour; the lawnmower’s a pretty brutal kill that results in the neighbour’s head squelching into many pieces; there’s even a way to summon got to do your dirty work for you. The creativity in the kills shines through brilliantly in this game, enough for one to forgive the occasion stutter or glitches that take place between the idle animations and the initiation of one or two of the kills. Also, look out for combination kills, which are even more impressive, and require you to find two objects that are designed to be utilised in conjunction with each other to initiate a comprehensive kill sequence.


The design of the game, though extremely simple, is in fact quite unique. It’s one of the few ultra-violent games seen in the point-and-click genre presented in an almost completely monochrome fashion. More striking is the fact that the blood is the only coloured feature in the game, making the gore seem more impactful and shocking when it’s happening. Sure, the animations are quite simple and not always natural-feeling, but again, this is to be forgiven in light of the fact you’ve got a wee bit over 30 kills to enjoy here.

Sound is a bit of a limiting factor here as well. There’s no actual dialogue, and some of the sound effects aren’t quite matching up with the animations, but this is a rather minor setback for the game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing the mobile or flash version, this is a rather fun game to work through. Though this is the first game from www.whackit.co, it also most certainly isn’t the last. There’s also Whack the Burglars, which improves on this game’s kill count as well as in its design and presentation.