Whack the Burglars

Whack the Burglars

If you remember the majority of the kills available to you in Whack Your Neighbour, then you’ve clearly made excellent gaming choices. Whack your Neighbour, from the team at WhackIt.co, was a satisfying affair that let you play out a variety of gory kill scenarios in a point-and-click puzzle format.

Whack the Burglars takes the action a few steps further toward ultra-violence, offering more insanely satisfying kills, only this time aimed at some home intruders that (they will come to learn) have picked the wrong person to mess with. Whether you shoot them to death or get your mother (in law) to do the dirty work is up to you – these are just a few of the many kills available that will inevitably cause the on-screen bloodbath that is the gameplay of Whack the Burglar.

Guy Gameplay

If the guy gamers out there are brutally honest with themselves, they will admit that one of the main things that the things a guy gamer typically looks for in a game are astronomical levels of violence, and the achieving of said violence with minimal effort. Whack the Burglar effortlessly ticks both of these boxes.

Haven’t played this game’s predecessor (Whack Your Neighbour) before? Things are rather simple when it comes to mechanics. You’re presented with a scene involving two burglars entering a household unlawfully. The protagonist, whose home is being burgled, is present in the living room. Cue the gameplay springing into action, whereby there are various objects dotted around the room with which you are able to counterman the burglar’s efforts.

Enjoying the gameplay is then simply a case of hovering your mouse over each of the items to see if they become highlighted when doing so. If they light up they are to be used either on their own as a weapon/kill initiator, or if stated on the screen, in combination with other objects to produce a more impressive and comprehensive kill sequence. Its gameplay isn’t anywhere near the complexity or flashiness of, say, Thief, but it doesn’t need to be; Whack the Burglars achieves its simple greatness through uncomplicated, easily-accessible gameplay and design. Oh, and plenty of kills.

Plenty of Killing

Knowing how to initiate kills is one thing, but a game without well-thought-out kill sequences isn’t worth much. Luckily, WhackIt’s got a lot of value when it comes to content. It’s made up of a hefty 34 kills in total, each of them unique in their own way, taking their own individual road to the same inevitable conclusion: the brutal death, humiliation, and general evisceration of the offending burglars.

So what kind of unique gory realities can we expect to see in this potential-multiverse-cum-ultra-violence flash game? You’ve got everything from a satisfying decapitation by using the wall mirror, through to the protagonist suffocating the main burglar with a pillow.

The combination kills also make the game much more interesting, with a favourite being the Curtain + Baseball bat kill where the burglar is beaten, wrapped in a curtain, beaten further, and when he still doesn’t die, is stabbed with the splintered end of the baseball bat that was used to beat him into submission in the first place. So as you can see, this is a rather brutal game, but that’s just the way a majority of bloke gamers like it. We’re talking Mad Max levels of violence here, only bound by the limitations of the flash/mobile platform of course.


Remarks must be made about the game’s design, simply because it’s such a unique-looking game. All too often you see developers trying, often with too much fervour, to make their games look edgy or unique by going overboard on the graphics, or attempting a reimagining of an existing style. Whack the Burglars - https://www.spoofgames.com/games/4679/ does neither: it’s got an uncomplicated black-and-white design with simple yet mildly cartoonish illustrations. What makes the violence/gore more striking is the fact that the only colour used in the game is red, and it’s only the blood that appears in colour. This has a very striking effect and highlights the violent nature of the content even further.

To top it all off, there’s a classical-piano soundtrack rolling on repeat in the background. It contrasts wonderfully with the violent and brutal nature of taking robbers apart in a multitude of violent ways, making it seem almost demented and twisted in the atmosphere it creates. For these reasons, this is one of the best games to be found at www.robbergames.net, where you’ll have a hard time finding a better robbing/thief-based game than this.