Logitech x-620 Surround Sound Speakers Review

ogitech x-620 Surround Sound Speakers

The Logitech x-620 surround speakers contain a powerful subwoofer with 25W RMS output (twice as lound due to patented technology) and the highest quality bass producer I’ve ever tested and listened to!

The speakers themselves at 8 Watts RMS per channel and with 6 speakers in total gives plenty of potential for total surround sound at you’re computer in addition to the central channel!

If you want to listen privately you can also hook your headphones into a nifty socket to still enjoy high quality speaker sound through your ear phones. Of course this then depends on your ear phone quality but it means your receiving better sound than if you connected your ear phones to your computer.

The subwoofer also have a volume control so for those audio files and music files that have low volume, there’s always the luxury of cranking them up on the actual speakers themselves, not just your computer system sound.

Sturdy volume controls reveal a progressive sound with volume that can go explosively high. The speakers feature their own set of stands for easy distribution and can be rotated 180 degrees plus fastened to a wall via fixtures.

Want to use them for our Xbox, Game Cube or PS2? No problem with the console adapter that comes free which means these speakers are more than just PC compatible. Add to that impressive range of utilities the fact that you can also use them with DVD players.

Inspire 5.1 speakers are impressive but the Logitech x-620 surround speakers surpass them in terms of value for money with solid sound in terms of wattage and quality.

So what negates all these plusses? One annoying point is the subwoofer cannot be disabled so if you want sound with the strength of the subwoofer look elsewhere.

The wires for the back speakers are relatively small so separating the speakers out beyond a metre is no possible which is actually ironic considering these speakers are meant to be ‘Surround Sound’ ones.